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How Much Are the Court Fees for a Divorce?

For a divorce in British Columbia:

There are two separate court fees you have to pay to get a divorce: $210 when you file the first documents (a $200 filing fee, plus $10 for a Registration of Divorce); and $80 when you file the Final Application. You may also choose to pay another $40 for an optional Certificate of Divorce.

If you ever want to remarry, you’ll have to have the Certificate of Divorce. You can order the Certificate of Divorce at any time after the divorce takes effect.

There are also some other costs involved in getting a divorce. If you choose to have your Affidavits sworn at the court registry, this will cost you $40 per Affidavit. If you don’t have a certified copy of your marriage certificate or registration of marriage, you’ll have to pay for this document as well. These are the court costs only, and don’t cover the cost of having a process server deliver your documents or having your documents sworn anywhere other than the court registry.

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